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Eargasm: The Dish

1 Apr

As the weekend comes upon us, I’m of one mind, and it’s no wonder – weekends mean dinner parties with friends! In anticipation of these glorious occasions, I’ve been doing a little play-listing to come up with the perfect mix for a decadent evening of friends, food and fun (is there anything else, really?).  Now here to tantalize your eardrums, an appeteaser of my secret society dining mix:

Martin Sloveig & Dragonette Hello – Welcome to the party; let’s get the evening started with the casual niceties.  An upbeat track to get the ice a-breakin is exactly what you need.  So grab a cocktail, and come in to say “hello”.

Chelley Took the Night – A healthy sense of confidence is key, so while you’re checking out the crew, you do YOU and strut your stuff.  While this track may take it a bit too far, the sentiment is right – either way it’s a happnin’ jam to get your crowd in the party zone.

PhantogramMouthful of Diamonds – Dinner is served; hopefully you’re getting a mouthful of delicious eats and an earful of this splendid song.  It’s the perfect track to cool the mood a bit while still keeping your electronic jam train on the rails.  And who doesn’t love Phantogram, really?

AdeleRolling in the Deep – This track is the money.  Sure, Adele is everywhere right now, but I’ll give credit where it’s due.  If your dinner guests aren’t feeling this, you may want to check for a pulse.  I normally wouldn’t go here, but I recently heard this track spun by a DJ at an event and the peeps lurved it; so eat it up, folks.

PrinceKiss – The extent of my love for this song transcends generations.  Prince may not have brought sexy back, but didn’t he have it all along?  Whether you’re getting your sweets on or perhaps an alcohol laced caffeinated beverage (Coffee + Kahlua, hullllo?!), this song is the perfect dessert complement.

I’m not going to tell you to get your debauchery on… you know what’s coming.  But keep it classy and keep those great tracks rolling throughout the night.  Hope you enjoyed your peek at the supper club playlist.  Feast your ears!

Eargasm: March On

3 Mar

Being a New Yorker, walking is often my best option for getting from Point A to Point B and, consequently, a good walking mix is crucial.  This also means that I associate a lot of tracks with how they make me feel while I’m getting my march on.  Here are a few of the songs I’m currently striding along with:

The Temper Trap Love Lost – These Aussies know how to get me moving… while I really love some of their other songs (who doesn’t heart Sweet Disposition?!), this beat driven track in particular has an ambitious pulse from its onset that sets a good walking pace.  It’s perfect for navigating through the congested rush-hour crowd with ease.

Gordon VoidwellIvy League Circus – I first saw GV at the Wired store’s holiday party and I was automatically on board.  This Bronx-native brings a slowly danceable (or walkable) track that will have you tapping your feet, if not doing some other form of awkward semi-dancing (what’s up to my snap dancers everywhere?!)  Surrender to the slow jamz; your demise is imminent.

Sufjan StevensI Walked –I’ve run into a bit of controversy with people over the latest SS album, “Age of Adz” – personally, I love it but I can understand that it’s not for everyone.  For you non-haters, this track is the sleeper of the bunch; it’s grown a lot on me and keeps me in a mellow zone that’s perfect if I’m taking a de-stress walk around the block on lunch.

Jukebox the GhostSo Let Us Create – This band is awesome; if you don’t know, now ya know, listnas… do yourself a favor and run a quick background check on em.  While this song is a little bit uncharacteristic of Jukebox’s typically bouncy alt-pop, it evokes a “walking basked in sunshine” moment every time I listen to it.

The Duke Spirit Don’t Wait ­– I’m pretty sure I’m getting to the Duke Spirit party late, but now that I’m here, I’m full on girl-crushing over Leila Moss’s sultry vocals.  This is confident strutting music that just begs for flirty pumps to start hitting the pavement.

Hope you’ll agree that these tracks are anything but pedestrian – now load up your ipod and get out there!

Eargasm: Assorted+Imported

23 Feb

I realized after putting this Eargasm’s tracks together that none of these artists are originally from the US. Maybe I’m sore that I had to work on Presidents Day when I was nursing a nasty hangover no one else in the country seemed to be on the job, or maybe these International jams are really just some excellent tunes. I know how I feel, but I’ll let you all form your own opinions…

James BlakeThe Wilhelm Scream – Wowza, this is hipster booty call music, or at least how I would imagine it’d sound (why would I imagine that? who knows…) Anyway, think sexy soulfulness gone digital. Who would have thought electronic music could be so good for your mojo?

Florence + The MachineCosmic Love – There definitely was an open niche for harp-heavy music until F+TM came along. Their music is mini-climax heavy and incredibly powerful “soundtrack to important moments” music. I appreciate the slightly dramatic flavor that this song can bring to something as simple as a walk to the subway in the morning.

RöyksoppThe Girl and the Robot – This Norwegian duo really hit my sweet spot with this track which features my current obsession, Robyn. The album is packed with excellent collabs, but this one song is my gym jam of the week. I’m sweating this tune, in the gym or not.

Jack PeñatePull My Heart Away – My first thought upon hearing this little ditty was, “wow, did The Smiths finally pull together a reunion?” – Once I got over the initial vocal similarities, I began to love this song in its own right. The English Indie sound is epitomized in this track, without cliché and with, in my opinion, great success.

Mumford & SonsWhite Blank Page – So granted, Mumford has become a pretty household name (it’s about time the banjo went mainstream), especially after their epic Grammys performance.  Still, I’m not going to let that stop me from including this amazing track. Marcus Mumford’s gritty + passionate vocals couldn’t do these heart-wrenching lyrics any more justice.

Hope these selections have left you feeling thoroughly cultured… xx, friendos

Eargasm: Mash Up, Not Mush Up

2 Feb

I’m going to go ahead and throw a disclaimer at the beginning of this mash up… yes, it’s February, and yes, there’s a pretty love-drenched “holiday” just around the corner…. BUT seriously folks, these are just some songs I happen to be feeling at the moment; nothing sentimental to it.  Should YOU choose to go there and get all mushy, I’m not judging – much.

Penny & the QuartersYou and Me – Whether you’ve seen Blue Valentine or not, the soulful crooning in this track is bound to grab at your emotions.  I’m digging the vintage sound and – ok, it does help that when I hear it, I see Ryan Gosling in my mind… guilty!

RobynHang with Me – This dancey track is perfect for picturing yourself in an 80’s dance montage getting your gym sweat on.  It’s got a seriously catchy beat with a message that should never be overlooked: if homegirl tells you not to fall for her, you best be listenin.  Although, Robyn, you do make it so difficult to heed your words.

Citizen CopeJericho – Sexy song alert!  The flow Mr. Cope’s sporting is twangy and manages to seep deep under your skin – the longing in his voice is palpable.   Ladies, if you’re not feeling a little longing after giving this a listen, go check yourself for a pulse.

AdeleSomeone Like You­ – I’m counting down the days till 21, Adele’s sophomore album, comes out in the US (Feb 22, where are you?!)  She is hands down one of the most stunning voices out there right now, and this song is hauntingly beautiful + incredibly relatable.  For now, this song will have to be my fix.  You’re welcome.

Fitz & the TantrumsL.O.V. – Ok, so I’ve already shared the amazing-ness that is F&TT with you (check their track MoneyGrabber here), but this song is slowly becoming my favorite off the album.  You’re going to L.O.V. love this track, too – promise!

Hope you’re lovin these Eargasmic Tracks – catch ya next time, ya big mushes.

Eargasm: Playing Catch Up

13 Jan

Just got around to downloading some of the most talked about albums of the past year – I know they’re nothing new to many music aficionados, but to the majority of my peeps, I hope there may be a few new sounds in here for you to enjoy. I’m certainly digging on these tracks right now…

YeasayerI Remember: Though I’m still sore about being turned away from last summer’s free Governor’s Island show, I won’t hold it against these guys. This track just resonates with me, there’s something about a guy baring his soul like this that gets me everyyyytime.

Local NativesAirplanes: Another simple love and lament song from one of my favorite up and coming bands of the moment… yes, I’m seeing a common theme here.

DeerhunterRevival: Changing it up a bit, I think this song called out to me because the intro screams Beck at me – but beyond that, the similarities fade. It’s pop, but the airy guitar keeps it on the fringe.   It’s my jam – so is the whole album (Halcyon Digest) actually.

LCD SoundsystemDance Yrself Clean: The first time this one came around on my ipod, I had to check who it was – love this song. Pretty different and pretty catchy – stay with it till it really drops about halfway through the track. Hopefully, we won’t have to agree to disagree, friendos.

Arcade Fire We Used to Wait:  This song gets under your skin and stays with you.  I can’t stop listening to it and love it so much more after checking out the video, which to me is just pure genius. If you haven’t viewed this interactive video yet, do it by clicking here (seriously, do it).

Hope to see more of your beautiful faces on the Rhea Recommends Facebook Site…. and if you aren’t getting the latest Recommendations emailed to ya hot off the press, make sure to sign up your email and then click on the confirmation link they’ll send you shortly thereafter!

Eargasm: Auld Lang Songs

31 Dec

As 2010 comes to a close, I think it’s normal to get a little nostalgic about the passing year while feeling the anticipation of what the coming year may bring.  And so, with this in mind, dear friends, I invite you to share in my New Years play list…

Band of Horses Life on Earth: This simple little diddy suggests just enough to get those contemplative juices a flowin’.   Little emo, little transient, lotsa time up there in your noggin with just you.

Michael Franti & SpearheadSay Hey (I Love You): Snap out of it!  After all, you’ve got an hour before your $150 NYE golden ticket gets you a free pass to booze and more booze.  Enjoy the moment; it may be your very last chance of 2010 to have “you” time, so relax with it before it’s… TEE-SHIRT TIME!

Wilson PickettIn the Midnight Hour: Midnight is rapidly approaching and if you’ve made eye contact with any less than 3 prospects, it’s pretty much a sure thing you’re going to be watching your friends suck face while wondering where that hottie you spotted around 11:35pm slipped off to.  Now, channel the vintage crooner within and git ‘er done.

Panic! At The DiscoNew Perspective: It’s the first hours of 2011 – welcome to your new perspective.  Who cares if you’re going to spend the first day of the year in bed nursing a massive hangover with – wait, who is that?  The year still has big things in store for you. Starting tomorrow.

The WalkmenIn the New Year: Now that those advil have kicked in, get your ish together and back on track.  Here’s to a safe and happy New Years for all – it’s gonna be a good year, folks…

***Looking forward to a 2011 chock full of recommendations!***

Eargasm: Not Just Girl Talk

18 Nov

Would you believe me if I told you my sole purpose for sharing music picks with you this week was to try and get people talking about something OTHER than Girl Talk? Right, didn’t think so. Anyway, as much as I’m loving this mash-up-All-Day-week we’re having, here’s some OTHER music to talk about…

SkyboxPlastic Cups: Mysteriously found this band through some Lollapalooza playlist (I think) – started off with 1 track I kinda liked and eventually came upon this one. The best thing I can liken this song to is a hipster lullaby. Give a listen, I think you’ll agree with me…

Marina & The DiamondsAre You Satisfied: I feel like these lyrics will resonate with most of the current 20-something generation. Not to get all intellectual during your lunch hour (or whenever you’re tuning in) but there’s something to be said for the simple lyrics asking if you’re satisfied with how things are going. Wahh Wahhh…

Kelis4th of July (Fireworks): Kelis has come a long way since her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, and in this track I’ve found a Gym Jam that I love and that isn’t getting overplayed on the radio right now. Therein lies the makings of a long lasting addition to my workout mix.

Oh so you DID you want to hear some MORE Girl Talk? Fine, then I’ll leave you with this little diddy (called That’s Right) featuring Peter Gabriels’ “In Your Eyes” (along with countless other tracks)…

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