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Eargasm: The Dish

1 Apr

As the weekend comes upon us, I’m of one mind, and it’s no wonder – weekends mean dinner parties with friends! In anticipation of these glorious occasions, I’ve been doing a little play-listing to come up with the perfect mix for a decadent evening of friends, food and fun (is there anything else, really?).  Now here to tantalize your eardrums, an appeteaser of my secret society dining mix:

Martin Sloveig & Dragonette Hello – Welcome to the party; let’s get the evening started with the casual niceties.  An upbeat track to get the ice a-breakin is exactly what you need.  So grab a cocktail, and come in to say “hello”.

Chelley Took the Night – A healthy sense of confidence is key, so while you’re checking out the crew, you do YOU and strut your stuff.  While this track may take it a bit too far, the sentiment is right – either way it’s a happnin’ jam to get your crowd in the party zone.

PhantogramMouthful of Diamonds – Dinner is served; hopefully you’re getting a mouthful of delicious eats and an earful of this splendid song.  It’s the perfect track to cool the mood a bit while still keeping your electronic jam train on the rails.  And who doesn’t love Phantogram, really?

AdeleRolling in the Deep – This track is the money.  Sure, Adele is everywhere right now, but I’ll give credit where it’s due.  If your dinner guests aren’t feeling this, you may want to check for a pulse.  I normally wouldn’t go here, but I recently heard this track spun by a DJ at an event and the peeps lurved it; so eat it up, folks.

PrinceKiss – The extent of my love for this song transcends generations.  Prince may not have brought sexy back, but didn’t he have it all along?  Whether you’re getting your sweets on or perhaps an alcohol laced caffeinated beverage (Coffee + Kahlua, hullllo?!), this song is the perfect dessert complement.

I’m not going to tell you to get your debauchery on… you know what’s coming.  But keep it classy and keep those great tracks rolling throughout the night.  Hope you enjoyed your peek at the supper club playlist.  Feast your ears!

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