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Eargasm: March On

3 Mar

Being a New Yorker, walking is often my best option for getting from Point A to Point B and, consequently, a good walking mix is crucial.  This also means that I associate a lot of tracks with how they make me feel while I’m getting my march on.  Here are a few of the songs I’m currently striding along with:

The Temper Trap Love Lost – These Aussies know how to get me moving… while I really love some of their other songs (who doesn’t heart Sweet Disposition?!), this beat driven track in particular has an ambitious pulse from its onset that sets a good walking pace.  It’s perfect for navigating through the congested rush-hour crowd with ease.

Gordon VoidwellIvy League Circus – I first saw GV at the Wired store’s holiday party and I was automatically on board.  This Bronx-native brings a slowly danceable (or walkable) track that will have you tapping your feet, if not doing some other form of awkward semi-dancing (what’s up to my snap dancers everywhere?!)  Surrender to the slow jamz; your demise is imminent.

Sufjan StevensI Walked –I’ve run into a bit of controversy with people over the latest SS album, “Age of Adz” – personally, I love it but I can understand that it’s not for everyone.  For you non-haters, this track is the sleeper of the bunch; it’s grown a lot on me and keeps me in a mellow zone that’s perfect if I’m taking a de-stress walk around the block on lunch.

Jukebox the GhostSo Let Us Create – This band is awesome; if you don’t know, now ya know, listnas… do yourself a favor and run a quick background check on em.  While this song is a little bit uncharacteristic of Jukebox’s typically bouncy alt-pop, it evokes a “walking basked in sunshine” moment every time I listen to it.

The Duke Spirit Don’t Wait ­– I’m pretty sure I’m getting to the Duke Spirit party late, but now that I’m here, I’m full on girl-crushing over Leila Moss’s sultry vocals.  This is confident strutting music that just begs for flirty pumps to start hitting the pavement.

Hope you’ll agree that these tracks are anything but pedestrian – now load up your ipod and get out there!

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