Eargasm: Let’s Hear it for the Boys

17 May

While I am an equal opportunity music listener, I’ve noticed that most of the tracks I’m digging on recently have male vocalists. I’m going to try not to over-analyze what the implications of this might be and just go with a truth I hold to be self-evident; these are some solid songs. So, let’s hear it for the boys…

Foster the PeoplePumped Up Kicks – I’ve been running my mouth off about this band to just about anyone who will listen. The live show didn’t disappoint either; the leader singer has created a genre of stage performance I’d dub “Awkwardtastic”. Oh, and if you’re not incredibly disturbed by the lyrics, you clearly haven’t listened carefully enough. LISTEN!

GrouploveColors – Annoyingly catchy; irresistibly listenable; obsession worthy. These are the stages I went through before reaching the final phase; acceptance. I accept that, yes, this is a great jam. And as for the lead singer, he is too is a “man; man, man, man”.

DawesWhen My Time Comes – The simplicity of this song is pure stripped-down delight to my ears. Give me a chorus with a soulful male vocalist; layer that with some affecting harmonies and I’m sold. Every time I hear this song I effectively lose 20 minutes to Google, searching for new band-related articles and videos. Yeah, I need to work on that…

The Airborne Toxic EventChanging – This one gets my body moving; great track for apartment rock-out sessions and confident street strutting alike (you know I’m well researched in both). I may have discovered this song during an episode of Gossip Girl, but I’m all about the edgy vocals of this gentleman – nothing girly about em.

Cold War KidsBulldozer – Double-take track of the week. You know, when you’re listening to new music on your ipod and you need to check what the track is because it catches your attention. Yup, that was this one. I love homeboy’s unique vibrato and the hopelessly romantic sentiment behind his words.

Though the men have done the majority of the heavy lifting in this Eargasm post, I’d like to point out that behind these emo-men, there’s likely a woman playing muse. So that’s our contribution here, ladies; well done. Hope you’ve enjoyed listening, folks.

One Response to “Eargasm: Let’s Hear it for the Boys”

  1. JustMeatIt May 18, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Good call on Foster the People. My friend in WV of all places got me hooked on them last year. glad their album finally came out

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