Eargasm: It’s My Party and I’ll Dance if I Want to…

23 Jun

To celebrate my birthday this year, I’m planning on throwing a serious dance party; it’s the perfect way to see the previous 365 days out in style.  All I’ll need is my dear friends and some great tunes (OK, and some Grey Goose La Poire on the rocks if you have it, bartender.)   It’s been a truly amazing year and now that you’ve done your due diligence by being here reading, friendo, I’ll supply the tunes (still waiting on my drink – get on it!)

Miami HorrorHolidays – Who doesn’t feel like their birthday is a little bit of a calendared holiday in the nation of YOU?  So go ahead, throw your special day on the schedule of anyone who will grant you calendar access knows and loves you – it’s time to make merry.  Enter famous catch phrase… You do YOU!

Avril LavigneWhat the Hell – I get a one day pass, so this one’s going on the faves list.  Guiltiest pleasure?  You betcha.  Hating on the song choice?  See what I care!  It’s my birthday, and I say what the hell.  So listen, or you’ll get nothing and like it.

Swedish House MafiaOne (Your Name) – A throw back to one of my better vacation dance parties of all time; this track needed to make the list.  You can fist pump, do the awkward snap dance or just clap it up, as long as you’re rocking the steeze…  FASTER!

Capital CitiesSafe and Sound – Since hearing this track about a week ago, I’ve craved nothing else in my eardrums.  It’s the ultimate silly dance ditty to let loose to.  Besides, by this point in the evening, no one’s remembering what sort of crazy moves you put out there, so it’s fair game for an air-trumpet free-for-all.

AfrojackTake Over Control – One last track before I release the reigns and let someone else take over control of the playlist…  Clearly, I’m the best dancer out there and cannot even believe my mad skills.  It’s my birthday so be kind and go with it people, or at the very least don’t make me feel like a hungover owl tomorrow.

Thanks for celebrating with me.  Cheers to us, celebrating every day in style!



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