She’s bi-PARTY-san

6 Nov

May the best woman win…

Part restrained disco, part oddly Fleetwood Mac-ish (hey now – wait till the female vocals come in), Shiny Toy Guns won’t have you Fading Listening (except, of course, if you’re faded while you’re listening – but that’s another set of circumstances for a different time). Moving along… if you haven’t noticed yet, I have a massive thing for the xx – this Take It Easy Hospital rework of Angels takes things to the next level without losing the authenticity of the original track.  Completely losing the original track, the Cyril Hahn take on Losing You by Beyonce’s lil sis Solange is pretty out there – if by “out there” you get that I freakin lurve it.

Other highlights include the oh-so-dancey Good For You by Icona Pop and DVNO,  a rager crafted by Justice then refined by Kids at the Bar.  Closing things out, the completely sex-i-fied Something About Us by none other than Daft Punk will have you forgetting political lines and seeing… well, stars.  Rock the vote, then rock out, kids.

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Over and out.

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