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Don’t Look Far, Look UP: Fuerza Bruta

2 Aug

Being in NYC is all about doing things outside the normal and having the strangest most exciting experiences out there.  Sure, you don’t have to look FAR to find unique things to do, but I recommend you look UP – at Fuerza Bruta, that is.  I was lucky enough to score an outing to this extraordinarily eccentric spectacle as a gift from my fabulous friends.  The show, which takes place above the audience, is worth craning your neck to check out.

Enter the Daryl Roth Theatre in Union Square and walk down into a cocktail dungeon with a crowd that’s as diverse as the performance itself.  I was surprised to see young kids (it may be above their heads, not just literally) and just as shocked to see some seniors as well – not that these folks didn’t know how to party.   And that’s exactly what you’ll do at Fuerza Bruta.  Bring your childlike sense of wonder (but leave the children home) and get ready to enjoy the parade of attractive actors dancing, swimming, sprinting and all sorts of other verb-ing for your viewing enjoyment.  Not to give too much away, but the most interesting part to watch unfolds as actors slip, slide and dive on a clear trampoline pool suspended above you.  It’s almost mesmerizing to look at and definitely had me aching to join the cast on their slippery stage.

If you’ve heard of the show or maybe even walked past it hundreds of times (like me), it’s time to go – now.  Shows are Weds-Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 7 & 10pm and Sun @ 7pm.  Tickets are usually $75 but if you’re flexible with dates, pop over to the theatre 2 hours before the show to see if you can snag one of the limited rush tix for only $25 or search online for deals on tix, which there are ALL the time – score!  Whatever you do, don’t overlook this one, folks.

Get Hot This Winter: Prana Power Yoga

5 Jan

It's Getting Hot in Herre

I think for a lot of people who have at some point practiced yoga, hot yoga is like the final frontier.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried many different styles of yoga, but the thought of sitting in a 95 degree heated room and THEN trying to get my yoga practice on seems almost laughable.  Then again, I’m always up to try something new, so when a friend invited me to go to Prana Power Yoga in Union Square (B’way @ 17th St), I thought at the very least it would be an exercise in humility.

I’ll admit that I took the time to read through the FAQ section of the Prana website because I had my doubts about what to expect – so if you’re worried, give it a little read.  What I can add is that a tank top and yoga pants or shorts is the best attire.  Also, you can bring your own mat and a large towel, or rent from the studio for $2 each. Most importantly, make sure you hydrate well throughout the day and bring a bottle of water with you; you’re going to sweat out a whole lotta toxins, friendos.

The studio itself is toasty and clean and the staff members are so friendly.  They have a great deal for first time students; for $30 you can get either 1 week of unlimited classes or 3 classes to use over the following 30 days (or if you just want the 1 class, it’s $18).  Packages are also available to returning students and they help to bring down the cost per class substantially.

Overall, I think the heat factor really enhanced my yoga experience.  Being so aware of your breath and on maintaining focus despite the heat makes for a much more self-aware practice – surprisingly, I found it incredibly energizing. Whether you’re looking for a new way to get your sweat on during this cold winter, or just want to turn up the heat of your workout routine, Prana Power Yoga is definitely worth checking out.

Gobble Up: Thanksgiving Week Suggestos

23 Nov

Are you spending the long holiday weekend in NYC?  If so, and you spend the rest of the year here, then you already know you’re best off avoiding midtown and any other bed bug tourist traps (Macy’s Day Parade, anyone?).  As for my downtown weekend “to-dos”…

What I would recommend above all else is to head to Union Square.  Stop at the holiday market that’s built right in the park square itself – they have awesome gifts and some great seasonal eats too.  While you’re down there, you may want to look into some of the great prepared sides and dishes at Whole Foods – esp if you’re cooking for Thanksgiving.  Most importantly, though – stock up on your favorite variety of 2 buck chuck (it’s $2.99/bottle) @ Trader Joes Wine Shop – they have a new Red Blend that sounds just right for the weather!

If you’re going out to eat, a great east village resto doing the work for ya is Back Forty (Ave B/12th St) – their 3 course prix fixe is only $50 and includes options for meat lovers, pesky-tarians and veggie fiends alike.  Make sure to make a reservation (212.388.1990); they’re doing seatings from 2 till 8pm.

As for the rest of the weekend, hit up some brunch spots you’ve always wanted to try.  This may be your weekend to check out Penelope, or get your boozy brunch on – my favorites are Diablo Royale, Philip Marie, and Essex (fear not – review to come soon).

Finally, if you’re looking to brighten your holiday at the expense of others, look no further than the Sticky-Note Confessions of Awkward Thanksgiving Moments – click here

Whatever you decide to get into, enjoy!  I’ll be back with more recommendations before you can figure out why your pants won’t fit…

On My Ballot? Zen Palate!

29 Oct

Are you a Vegetarian?  Friends with one of those slippery veggie fiends?  Either way, you’ll be glad you went to Zen Palate.  Their new Union Square location (18th btwn Park/Irving) is the perfect mix of trendy and romantic with dark wood/bamboo interior and plush velvet accents.   

The martinis are delicious; I opted for the sake-tini while the lovely Megan M. went for the lychee-tini – and the pre fixe options (which include brown rice and 2 spring rolls) are incredibly reasonable at around $10 each.  There’s an option for everyone from the sweet and sour tofu medallions (a personal fave) to the more adventurous seitan dishes.  Vegetarians and the guys hoping to get in their pants vegetarian sympathizers alike will enjoy this new Union Sq hot spot!

Tip:  Get a restaurant.com coupon to take $25 off any meal of $35+!

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