My Mimosa Runneth Ova: Philip Marie

22 Nov

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

***UPDATED 2/5: For a classy, delicious restaurant like Philip Marie, the place is so good that people are going to go, deal or no deal.  So what amazes me is that every weekend this West Village resto still opens their doors to the hungry (and hung-over) masses for an all you can drink (AYCD) brunch that’s $24.95.

A few things to note… there’s usually a mob of people outside – but don’t let that scare you off, they seem to have a quick turn over time so you won’t wait too long. It was so nice out that we ate outside and had no wait at all!  As for the drink specials, they say Saturdays are AYCD Mimosas and Sundays are AYCD Bloody Marys but I saw them coming around to tables with pitchers of both, so I’m thinking there are exceptions to the rule.  Also, do not underestimate the Mimosas – Jessica (my brunch date du jour) and I were skeptics because the mimosas were looking a little too orange for my taste, so I thought – ahh, weak drinks – that’s gotta be the catch, right? WRONG!  I’m 97% sure they’re lacing those babies with champagne AND vodka.  They are STRONG and I’m a weekend brunch warrior – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fill me up, Scottie!

I had the veggie lover’s omelet which was fluffy and covered with cheesy cheddar goodness on top. They really know how to fill a plate – there was toast, the parmesan-dusted potatoes on the side were great, as well as the black bean salsa, plus I appreciated that they gave some fruit too.  Jessica had the 1/2 pound steak burger with a stack of huge waffle fries which looked just awesome.  She added cheese to her burger and said it was delish to the Nth degree. It was all really solid food (full menu here) which can sometimes get sacrificed with a great brunch deal.  Booyah.

If you try brunch and are looking for more Philip Marie face time, go for dinner!  The food is really great (I have dreams about the Grilled Beet Napoleon) and still affordable, especially if you go in armed with a coupon (purchase here – as always, don’t buy it till there’s an 80% off sale, which there almost always is).

Philip Marie in the West Village (Hudson @ W 11th St) –  go for brunch, go for dinner – just GO!

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