Brunch Deal with the “Devil” (Diablo Royale Este)

1 Nov

As an avid brunching fan, I must admit I have enjoyed many a weekend afternoon seeking out the perfect All You Can Drink (AYCD) brunch specials.  This brunch phenomenon became popular with pioneer spots such as Sunburnt Cow and its sister resto Bondi Road but is currently being perfected by restauranteurs across this great city.  Now, I’m not about to start hating here because paying $18 for AYCD and a brunch entrée at the Sunburnt Cow franchises is pretty darn great, but their food does leave something to desire.  So while the Cow is a favorite old go to, I’m def one to “make new friends but keep the old” – now on my “Gold” list is Diablo Royale (Este).

Staying true to our East Villager roots, my dear friend Aimee and I decided to give the AYCD special at Diablo (Ave A btwn 10/11th Sts) a try.  The layout of the restaurant is great with a bar at the front (perfect to start with a cocktail while waiting for your dining mates) and a big open kitchen that you pass through on your way to the spacious gothic-inspired dining area.  They start you off with Churro-inspired cinnamon+sugar pita chips.  YUM.  The menu has Mexican-inspired brunch fare (the huevos rancheros with cheesy grits on the side –WOW, must try) as well as some lunch classics (Aimee had tacos – 1 fried fish and 1 shrimp), all which can be served a la carte for around $11…. Or AYCD for only $22!  The unlimited drinks include red or white sangria as well as mimosas.  Our glasses were NEVER empty and the portions kept our bellies full!  Our waiter was so great and he even filled up our glasses for an extra 2 rounds while we chatted, even though the bill was on the table!  My only “wah-wah” would be that we were 1 of only 3 parties dining there all afternoon, although Aimee said the W. Village location is bumping….  BUT this leads me to my point – GO THERE PEOPLE!  Although, maybe I want to keep this one a secret!

Diablo Royale, serving brunch Sat/Sunday 11am-4pm (AYCD for $22) –

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