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The Redhead: Not Your Average Ginger

8 Dec

For some time now, I’ve heard the whisperings of a great restaurant called The Redhead which is practically around the corner from me (it’s on 13th St btwn 1st/2nd Aves).  I’ve walked past it but never thought to stop in because from the outside, it just looks like a small bar…  But step inside, and you’ll find yourself in a cozy space with a full bar that’s portioned off for a dining room in the back half.

Flat Bread Heaven

While you’re passing the time before getting a table (we had a 35 minute wait), grab a drink at the bar – it’s full of young, hip people and the drinks are equally as trendy.  Jessica and I both opted for the Revival, a lemony gin concoction that was really refreshing.  Once we were seated, we were presented with fresh baked potato rolls that were awesome with the resto’s sweet butter.  Then, after checking out the menu, we opted for the flatbread with mushrooms and marscapone which is a must try dish in my book, and extremely easy to split with a group.  The table next to us asked what it was and immediately ordered one for themselves.

A Few Good Gnocchi

Next up, we had the roasted beet salad (if you didn’t  know, I’m beet obsessed) – the candied pistachios in the mix were a first for me and I really liked them.  As an entrée, we had the potato gnocchi which was chock full of brussel sprouts and chestnuts, but unfortunately I didn’t think it had enough actual gnocchi in it for an entrée sized portion.  That being said, the few I did have were great.

Blondes <3 the Redhead

After having been, I think it’s a crime that I’ve walked by The Redhead as much as I have without stopping in.  It has the quintessential “neighborhood” vibe and does upscale without being pretentious or being insanely pricey.  If you’re in the area, think twice before passing this one by.

My Mimosa Runneth Ova: Philip Marie

22 Nov

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

***UPDATED 2/5: For a classy, delicious restaurant like Philip Marie, the place is so good that people are going to go, deal or no deal.  So what amazes me is that every weekend this West Village resto still opens their doors to the hungry (and hung-over) masses for an all you can drink (AYCD) brunch that’s $24.95.

A few things to note… there’s usually a mob of people outside – but don’t let that scare you off, they seem to have a quick turn over time so you won’t wait too long. It was so nice out that we ate outside and had no wait at all!  As for the drink specials, they say Saturdays are AYCD Mimosas and Sundays are AYCD Bloody Marys but I saw them coming around to tables with pitchers of both, so I’m thinking there are exceptions to the rule.  Also, do not underestimate the Mimosas – Jessica (my brunch date du jour) and I were skeptics because the mimosas were looking a little too orange for my taste, so I thought – ahh, weak drinks – that’s gotta be the catch, right? WRONG!  I’m 97% sure they’re lacing those babies with champagne AND vodka.  They are STRONG and I’m a weekend brunch warrior – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fill me up, Scottie!

I had the veggie lover’s omelet which was fluffy and covered with cheesy cheddar goodness on top. They really know how to fill a plate – there was toast, the parmesan-dusted potatoes on the side were great, as well as the black bean salsa, plus I appreciated that they gave some fruit too.  Jessica had the 1/2 pound steak burger with a stack of huge waffle fries which looked just awesome.  She added cheese to her burger and said it was delish to the Nth degree. It was all really solid food (full menu here) which can sometimes get sacrificed with a great brunch deal.  Booyah.

If you try brunch and are looking for more Philip Marie face time, go for dinner!  The food is really great (I have dreams about the Grilled Beet Napoleon) and still affordable, especially if you go in armed with a Restaurant.com coupon (purchase here – as always, don’t buy it till there’s an 80% off sale, which there almost always is).

Philip Marie in the West Village (Hudson @ W 11th St) –  go for brunch, go for dinner – just GO!

You MUST Try: Northern Spy

12 Nov

Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing sneaky about the Northern Spy Food Company’s amazing selection of farm-fresh, seasonal menu items.   This spot is my fave new resto in the East Village (12th St btwn Ave A/B) and I’m not alone – the scene was hopping with everyone from hipsters to suits to B/C list celebs – but all this was pulled off without being sceney or in the least bit pretentious.  You could’ve been in Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa (although I’m sure the food there couldn’t hold a candle to Northern Spy).

While we waited (it was about 20 mins or so), I had a glass of red and Ben had a beer to pass the time – I loved the selection of local beers for only $5.  The menu offers a lot of variety as well – there were SO many things calling out to us that Ben and I opted to order several smaller dishes that were all veggie friendly so I could partake (but don’t worry there were plenty of meaty selections too).  Keeping in mind that their menu changes daily but many similar items are always offered, here’s what our tasting tour included:

"Who YOU callin FLAT?!"

Flat Bread w/ caramelized shallots – warm, fluffy bread that’s smothered in delicate shallots and oil…  Oh.Em.Gee. Only $4?!  I’ll take another order to go… Kale Salad – the slightly bitter greens are perfectly suited to the cheddar cheese on the top, and I must mention those crunchy almonds!  It’s really quite a big portion of delish – we almost didn’t finish it.  Almost…  Gnocchi – sweet potato pillows of buttery goodness – it’s the perfect portion for sharing several items.  I think I may have had more than my fair share though… whoops… Wild Rice Salad – this fab collab of rice, feta, mint and lemon sounds simple, but is SO different from anything I’ve ever had.   Not sure why, but it vaguely reminded me of a blueberry muffin in a savory rice salad – this was a very GOOD thing.  Ben is nodding with me on this one…  Runner Beans w/clothbound cheddar – These beans were gynormous and the sharp, gooey cheddar coating each and every one of these gentle giants filled my mouth with complete and total ecstasy.


"What big BEANS you have!"

…Soooo yeah, I’m kind of serious when it comes to my food…  But let’s get down to biz with a bottom line: the total bill was $42, no joking.  Sure, there are def ways to go a little bigger, but for me, getting to taste a little bit of everything was the way to go.  Now GO!!!!

But wait a tick – one last suggestion… Looking for drinks before or after?  Shoolbred’s on 2nd Ave & 12th St (just 2 blocks over) is the essential cold weather bar.  Grab a draft beer (they’re 2-for-1 everyday from 4-8pm – BOOYAH) and park yourself by the fireplace.  Finish said beer and repeat.

Over and out.  Toodles!

Deal Seeker Double Take!

5 Nov

If you plan on going out to eat this weekend – sign on to restaurant.com. If you use the code “MEAL” between now and Monday, you’ll get 70% off any resto coupon – aka pay $3 to get $25 off to some GREAT food joints!  Try somewhere new (suggestions?) or see if one of your faves is on the site – you’d be surprised!  Just make sure to check the rules to be sure you can use it during the weekend :)

Check back next week for my brunch steal of the weekend! It’s gonna be a Sunday Funday folks!

Parting is such great sorrow – till Monday, I bid you adieu!



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