The Redhead: Not Your Average Ginger

8 Dec

For some time now, I’ve heard the whisperings of a great restaurant called The Redhead which is practically around the corner from me (it’s on 13th St btwn 1st/2nd Aves).  I’ve walked past it but never thought to stop in because from the outside, it just looks like a small bar…  But step inside, and you’ll find yourself in a cozy space with a full bar that’s portioned off for a dining room in the back half.

Flat Bread Heaven

While you’re passing the time before getting a table (we had a 35 minute wait), grab a drink at the bar – it’s full of young, hip people and the drinks are equally as trendy.  Jessica and I both opted for the Revival, a lemony gin concoction that was really refreshing.  Once we were seated, we were presented with fresh baked potato rolls that were awesome with the resto’s sweet butter.  Then, after checking out the menu, we opted for the flatbread with mushrooms and marscapone which is a must try dish in my book, and extremely easy to split with a group.  The table next to us asked what it was and immediately ordered one for themselves.

A Few Good Gnocchi

Next up, we had the roasted beet salad (if you didn’t  know, I’m beet obsessed) – the candied pistachios in the mix were a first for me and I really liked them.  As an entrée, we had the potato gnocchi which was chock full of brussel sprouts and chestnuts, but unfortunately I didn’t think it had enough actual gnocchi in it for an entrée sized portion.  That being said, the few I did have were great.

Blondes <3 the Redhead

After having been, I think it’s a crime that I’ve walked by The Redhead as much as I have without stopping in.  It has the quintessential “neighborhood” vibe and does upscale without being pretentious or being insanely pricey.  If you’re in the area, think twice before passing this one by.

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