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Meatless Monday Munch-Fest: Dovetail

22 Mar

At this stage in my life, I know that when it comes to really expensive fine dining, I’m at the mercy of my parents – if they’re treating, I’m eating!  That being said, I usually reserve my splurge evenings to special dining experiences when I’m truly treating myself to a classy little meal.  SO, when I heard about the 2 prix fixe menu options (meat-free OR meaty-yet-vegetable-focused) that are offered every Monday at the Michelin Starred restaurant Dovetail ($46 for 4 courses), I decided it’s about time to take the trek to the Upper West Side (W 77th St @ Columbus Ave) to get my spoil on.

Dovetail’s modern vibe is well complimented by the classic appeal of impeccable service; it’s nice to feel like you’re being well taken care of but without the stuffiness of a very formal resto.  Our server for the evening (admittedly not a veggie-saurus) made helpful suggestions, which I appreciated since everything on the menu looked amazing (and at times, complicated to imagine).  Since we ate so many dishes, I think our purposes will be best served going through a rundown of my menu choices:

Salsify Soup – creamy, with sweet pearl onions and truffle marshmallows which were SO different; I’m just glad I got to experience them / Winter Tempura – a mélange of lightly fried veggies, served with kimchi and sprouts on a puddle of chai curry sauce (an excellent gourmet take on the traditional vegetable tempura) / Braising Greens Lasagna – a complex layering of flavors that had my brain changing gears every bite – such an uncommon set of flavors; the golden raisins (which I’m not usually a fan of) actually made the dish.

My favorite part of the entire meal was a complete surprise – picture a dense chocolate brownie perched on river of thick, gooey caramel topped with mini pretzels and a perfect sphere of BEER ice cream.  OMFG.  First, this was the best dessert I’ve ever had.  Second, where can I find more beer ice cream?!  Consider me officially a woman on a mission.  Now if you’re on a mission to treat yourself well, I suggest you head to Dovetail on a Monday evening and try either the vegetarian OR meat-infused, vegetable-focused prix fixe dinner – you know you deserve it!

Healthy and Divine: Pure Food and Wine

27 Jan

For a lot of people, the idea of eating vegetarian may conjure up bad childhood memories of being forced to eat brussel sprouts… but now that you’re all grown up (some of you, anyway), it’s time to put aside these silly veggie prejudices and give greens a chance. Here to prove, in 5 simple steps, that eating your vegetables can be healthy AND delicious is Gramercy’s Pure Food & Wine (Irving Pl btwn 17th/18th Sts).

Step one: cocktail yourselves. The drinks are well mixed + thought out creations that incorporate ginger, açaí berry, green tea and other anti-oxidant rich goodies. The White Light Tini is an infusion of lemongrass, ginger, green tea and unfiltered sake – I’d go back for that alone! Get one!

Step two: appetize. We actually opted to split an entrée as a starter. The deconstructed Spanikopita featured almond feta and cucumber “yogurt” (it’s actually vegan). I don’t know how they do it, but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve tasted in ages. The cauliflower and grapes complimented the dish but, my goodness, those sauces! Wow. Wow.

Step three: wine time. Grab a glass of wine to drink with your meal – their list includes bottles that are vegan, organic, sustainable, biodiverse and all taste really great too. I had a glass of the 2001 Crianza Tempranillo and after a good healthy “breathe”, it was spicy in the front and smooth in the back. Did I just describe a Wine Mullet? Moving along…

Step four: the main event. I honestly could’ve skipped to step 5, but in the interest of research, we opted to have an entrée and a small app as well. The lasagna was made with basil pistachio pesto, sun-dried tomato marinara and macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta layered Jenga-style between slices of zucchini + tomato. ‘Twas a little salty for my taste, but that didn’t stop us from cleaning the plate. We also had the mushrooms which were on a bed of pureed root veggies and topped with aerated thyme foam. VERY different!

Step five: dessert. Do it, this place has amazing desserts. We had the pumpkin cheesecake parfait with maple syrup glaze and candied pecans. Are you kidding me? Effin awesome.  Pure Food & Wine is a sexy spot where you can get adventurous, change up your routine and perhaps even surprise yourself at how good veggie-fiends have it after all; you, too, can indulge and still feel healthy!

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