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Delicious, Naturally: The Soft Serve Fruit Co.

26 Aug

In this summer’s heat, we’ve had no shortage of new frosty food and drink options – in fact, the sheer number of choices could bring on an intense brain freeze when trying to make a decision.  With players like Taiwanese-style Shaved Ice and New Orleans-inspired SnoBalls, a simple frozen yogurt (fro-yo, if you will) just hasn’t been cutting it for me.  But recently I have been craving soft serve, minus some of the terrible artificial flavors that taste, well, unnatural.  So naturally, when I heard about the new soft serve kid on the block (literally, it’s on my office’s block – 17th btwn Union Sq/5th Ave) that boasts natural fruit flavors, I decided to give The Soft Serve Fruit Company a whirl.

This is a bold statement, but on a hot day, I don’t care who you are – you’re going to love this stuff.  Beyond the well developed flavors, it’s dairy, gluten, cholesterol and fat free.   What it’s not free of is MAJOR un-messed-with fruit flavor – think sorbet, but better.  I tried the blueberry which was pretty darn good – I’d say even better paired with the banana which is bizarrely close to the actual fruit’s taste.  My favorite flavor was the raspberry, a seasonal specialty that I’m hoping they’ll take on full time.  I went for a medium sprinkled with chopped walnuts (for only $4.75) and was good to go.

Forget fake, chemical tasting fro-yo and get to The Soft Serve Fruit Co.  This stuff’s the real deal.

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