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Contender for No. 1 Sandwich Spot in NYC: No. 7 Sub

15 Mar

When I did a little research into the latest and greatest in NYC sandwich culture, a sammy shop called No. 7 Sub popped up quite a few times.  Located in Flatiron (B’way btwn 28th/29th Sts) and situated in the ground floor of the Ace Hotel (though there’s no direct access between the 2, as far as I could tell), I made a mental note to add this spot to my to-do list.  Seeing as they’re only open for lunch Mon-Sat from 11:30am-5pm (or until they run out of bread for the day), I decided the buzz on this place warranted skipping Saturday brunch in lieu of a rocking good sub-day.

No. 7 Sub is an offshoot of the No. 7 Restaurant in Fort Greene, BK – the sub spot has a quirky yet swanktified vibe about it, stealing a page out of the Ace Hotel book.  Head in and order any of the subs (all $9 bucks), take the 5 strides necessary to cover the width of the resto, and hang while they freshly prepare one of their amazing innovations made  just for you.

I was really torn between a few of the options but I had the insane pleasure of grubbing on the General Tso’s Tofu Sub.  Breaded and fried, the tofu is so flavorful that it would be amazing by itself; throw in pickled ginger, shisho (a minty Japanese herb), spaghetti squash, and what I think was spicy mayo – full on party in my mouth.  Seriously, may have been the best sandwich I’ve ever had (aggressive call, I know).  The gents I dined with had the Lamb Meatloaf Club which was smothered in white sauce (possibly tzatziki?), a red sauce that was currified and topped with salad – finally got to hear how amazing it was during the brief halftime break.  Additionally, the Cilantro Chicken Sub with avocado and feta was greatly enjoyed.  For my next visit (which I’m obvi already planning), the Brussels Sprouts Reuben needs to happen – a friend who’s a veggie skeptic said it was damn good.

For lunching perfection, walk your eats the few blocks down Broadway and sit at one of the tables just outside Madison Square Park; take a minute to fully relish your sub.  These sandwiches are unique creations best savored (if you can manage to pause from bite to delicious bite).

Lunch’s Best Friend: Grey Dog

8 Feb

Mexican Hot Cha-Cha-Chocolate

Nothing tugs at my heart strings like a good prix fixe brunch special, so you know if I’m skipping brunch to hit up a lunch spot on my weekend afternoon, it’s going to be nothing short of fantastic…  Which, in a nutshell, describes Grey Dog’s Coffee – the quintessential neighborhood coffee and lunch spot in Greenwich Village (University btwn 11th/12th Sts).

Take a step into the cozy, country-styled dining room and witness dining efficiency at its peak.  Don’t let the long line to order deter you – tables are turned over pretty quickly so take a second to eyeball that table of hotties at the front, check out some of the quirky local art covering the exposed brick walls, then focus your concentration on the massive chalkboard menu; it’ll be your turn to order in no time.  While they do offer wine, beer and sangria, we opted for Mexican Hot Chocolate (made with cinnamon) and espresso – when in a coffee shop, right?

Our table had the Grey Dog’s Breakfast with Pancakes, which also included eggs, taters, and fruit, but the bacon (I’m told) was the star of the show.   I’m more partial to the sandwiches; one of my fellow diners had the #7: a Turkey Sandwich with Granny Smith Apple, Brie & Raspberry Mustard – on the Cranberry Bread, it was legit.  I went for the #5 – Portobello Mushroom, fresh Mozz and Roasted Red Peppers which is Panini pressed to perfection.  The sammies are pretty huge so I’d recommend doing a combo with 1/2 a ‘wich + the country salad; their homemade vinaigrette is one of my favorites out there.

The Carmine Street location and the latest addition, a Chelsea locale, give you a few options to hit up.  Whichever you decide to go to, do yourselves a favor and check out the amazing lunch goodness that is Grey Dog’s Coffee –  it will have you running to fetch more.

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