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Rhea Recommends Chicago: The Deep Dish

10 Aug

It's Better Backstage

Seeing as I had the absolutely fabulous opportunity to hang in Downtown Chicago this past weekend, you’re getting the (deep) dish on some of my trip highlights.  Between the music, the culture of Chi-Town and a BYOB brunch to rival some of NYC’s best,  I‘ve got some awesomeness to share with y’all you all.

Let’s talk eats… obviously, I managed to get a BYOB brunch in there (2x).  Yolk in South Loop (S Michigan Ave btwn E 11th St/E Roosevelt) was legit.  We rolled up with bottles of Prosecco, ordered some orange juice to-go and hung out/drank in the courtyard while waiting for our table.  Once we were called, we had some top notch egg dishes in skillets, omelets and sammies – everything costs under $10 and includes your choice of pancakes (a HUGE order), an English muffin or toast.  Oh, and there’s NO CHARGE for Egg Beaters or whites.   Kick ass deal.  This girl LOVES it.

Music?  Yeah, there was music.  Holla for Lolla(palooza) – some of my favorite eargasm-able artists rocked the crowd.  My highlights include:

Foster the PeopleHoudini

PhantogramWhen I’m Small

Manchester OrchestraI’ve Got Friends

Local Natives Cubism Dream

Fitz and the TantrumsDon’t Gotta Work It Out

Foster the People @ Belve Lounge

Culture, ok, there’s some of that too.  Chicago-natives and tourists alike will enjoy the Architecture Tour ($25-35) – it’s a 90 minute expedition through the Chicago waterways checking out the buildings that make Chi-Town architecture truly remarkable.  You get a little history, learn some fun facts – and hey, you’re on a boat!  It’s definitely another attraction I deem worthy of looking up for – c’mon kids, your neck can handle it.

Marina City (Bertrand Goldberg)

After a long day of adventures in the windy city, treat yourself to a delicious little dinner – I’m a big fan of the inexpensive family-style Italian fare at Quartino.  Thin crust pizza may not be Chicago’s signature slice, but the folks at Quartino know how to make a mean crispy pie.  Not in the mood for Italian?  Not a problem! Sign onto Savored.com and get hooked up with 30% off the total bill at the city’s hottest restos.   Over and out; it’s been real, Chicago.

Eargasm: Not Just Girl Talk

18 Nov

Would you believe me if I told you my sole purpose for sharing music picks with you this week was to try and get people talking about something OTHER than Girl Talk? Right, didn’t think so. Anyway, as much as I’m loving this mash-up-All-Day-week we’re having, here’s some OTHER music to talk about…

SkyboxPlastic Cups: Mysteriously found this band through some Lollapalooza playlist (I think) – started off with 1 track I kinda liked and eventually came upon this one. The best thing I can liken this song to is a hipster lullaby. Give a listen, I think you’ll agree with me…

Marina & The DiamondsAre You Satisfied: I feel like these lyrics will resonate with most of the current 20-something generation. Not to get all intellectual during your lunch hour (or whenever you’re tuning in) but there’s something to be said for the simple lyrics asking if you’re satisfied with how things are going. Wahh Wahhh…

Kelis4th of July (Fireworks): Kelis has come a long way since her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, and in this track I’ve found a Gym Jam that I love and that isn’t getting overplayed on the radio right now. Therein lies the makings of a long lasting addition to my workout mix.

Oh so you DID you want to hear some MORE Girl Talk? Fine, then I’ll leave you with this little diddy (called That’s Right) featuring Peter Gabriels’ “In Your Eyes” (along with countless other tracks)…

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