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Eargasm: Mash Up, Not Mush Up

2 Feb

I’m going to go ahead and throw a disclaimer at the beginning of this mash up… yes, it’s February, and yes, there’s a pretty love-drenched “holiday” just around the corner…. BUT seriously folks, these are just some songs I happen to be feeling at the moment; nothing sentimental to it.  Should YOU choose to go there and get all mushy, I’m not judging – much.

Penny & the QuartersYou and Me – Whether you’ve seen Blue Valentine or not, the soulful crooning in this track is bound to grab at your emotions.  I’m digging the vintage sound and – ok, it does help that when I hear it, I see Ryan Gosling in my mind… guilty!

RobynHang with Me – This dancey track is perfect for picturing yourself in an 80’s dance montage getting your gym sweat on.  It’s got a seriously catchy beat with a message that should never be overlooked: if homegirl tells you not to fall for her, you best be listenin.  Although, Robyn, you do make it so difficult to heed your words.

Citizen CopeJericho – Sexy song alert!  The flow Mr. Cope’s sporting is twangy and manages to seep deep under your skin – the longing in his voice is palpable.   Ladies, if you’re not feeling a little longing after giving this a listen, go check yourself for a pulse.

AdeleSomeone Like You­ – I’m counting down the days till 21, Adele’s sophomore album, comes out in the US (Feb 22, where are you?!)  She is hands down one of the most stunning voices out there right now, and this song is hauntingly beautiful + incredibly relatable.  For now, this song will have to be my fix.  You’re welcome.

Fitz & the TantrumsL.O.V. – Ok, so I’ve already shared the amazing-ness that is F&TT with you (check their track MoneyGrabber here), but this song is slowly becoming my favorite off the album.  You’re going to L.O.V. love this track, too – promise!

Hope you’re lovin these Eargasmic Tracks – catch ya next time, ya big mushes.

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