Liquid Assets: Cold Pressed Juices @ Liquiteria

25 May

While I tend to play pretty hard on the weekends, being at my best for work on Monday is always a priority.  I’ve found that nothing gets my natural performance enhancement on like starting my week off with a juice cleanse.  I know “juicing” might sound scary or weird to some of you, but it’s actually quite easy, leaves you feeling great all week and won’t lead to a congressional hearing (though folks may question how you’re hitting all those metaphoric homeruns in the work place).  My favorite spot to get the best cold pressed juices in NYC?  Well that’d be the East Village’s Liquiteria (2nd Ave @ 11th St).

The menu features an assortment of healthy breakfast/lunch choices, but I head straight to the Liquid Rx section for my weekly juice cleanses.  My go-to drink after a hard hitting weekend is the Royal Flush, a blend of pineapple, pear, ginger, aloe and a Liver Kidney Lymph Detox supplement.  The drinks are freshly squeezed at $5.45 for 14 oz and $5.95 for 20 oz OR you can snag bottles of the cold pressed versions for $8.50 a piece (this method of extracting the juice is supposedly the most nutritionally effective).  With names like Immune Rocket Booster, Skin Trip and Liquid Lozenge, you’ll have no trouble picking a juice if you’re looking to get specific health benefits.  Customize your juice by opting to add one of the many supplements as well.  I usually get 4 drinks to have throughout the day when I do my Monday cleanse.

Non-E. Villagers and folks Nationwide listen up: they’ll deliver ANYWHERE in the US.  So go ahead and get your juice on at Liquiteria.  I promise this venture won’t lead to fist pumping BUT you may be lusted at for your gorilla juice head body, you sexy thang.  Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist, so if you have serious questions about juicing, do your research.  All I can say is that 1 day a week of drinking the fan-effing-tastic juices from Liquiteria is what works for me; you do you.

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  1. Juicer October 11, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Awesome blog post, this is exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the great work.

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