BYOB Thai That’s a Winner: Catch de Fish

17 Feb

When our plans for BYOB Sushi fell through due to a reservation malfunction, I jumped into planning mode, quickly trying to think of a spot that allows you to b.y.o. and was close to our E.Ville location.  The light bulb moment came as I remembered hearing about Catch de Fish, a cute Gramercy (3rd Ave @ 15th St) Thai + Seafood spot that would fulfill all the requirements of our evening’s dining aspirations.

We called ahead and, sure enough, they could seat us upon arrival AND we could in fact bring in our own wine and/or sake.  I thought given the late change in plans we couldn’t ask too much of this place, but I was quite wrong!  The corner resto is sleek inside and has an upscale feel (that doesn’t mirror the menu’s prices).  We were seated right away and got started with a Crabcake (served w/spicy mayo – be still our hearts) and the Classic Thai Salad (the peanut dressing was awe-some).  With an order of Spicy Lemongrass Soup, we were more than good on apps.

For our entrees, we went simple with an order of Chicken with citrus, herbs + spices and Tofu Steaks prepared much the same.  Both were tender and excellent served over a variety of fresh steamed vegetables, though next time I might go for something a little more exotic than the Tofu.  They definitely know how good their sauces are because they brought out sides of Spicy Mayo and Peanut Dressing before we could even ask!

Bottom line – next time you’re thinking BYOB dinner for a pregame, or even a date night on the cheap, don’t make Catch de Fish your backup plan; it deserves to be at the top of your list.

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