Location, Location, Location: Public House

10 Feb

Calamari Party

You’ve had a long day and your friends are counting you in for cocktails – last thing you want to do? Run all over the world to get to drinks, only to have to run around some more to get home, I’d say… with that in mind, next time propose Public House, the massive Midtown East (41st btwn Lex/3rd Ave) after-work spot serving up specials on the regular. Now, before you all jump to judge me and doubt my recommendations, let me throw this out there: sometimes certain things can be compromised for an excellent location. New Yorkers know it best – if you don’t think so, why don’t you go home to your matchbox-sized apartment that you pay an arm and a leg for and take some time to think it over.

Dirty, Dirty Martini

Public House is really only built for the after work contingent. Sure, they dabble in sports bar-esque events, but mostly, their bread and butter is the happy hour crowd. So let’s talk specials: everyday from 4-7 drinks are ½ priced. Tuesdays, they host a $35 dinner which includes wine pairing. That being said, Wednesday night is my jam; $6 martinis (ask for any liquor, you got it) from 5pm-close. They make a mean dirty martini and to order, at that – if you aren’t happy with your pour (we had 1 stingy bartender – eep) they were willing to mix a bit extra to top us off.

Hola Nachos

Eats on the menu are your typical bar food, but done well. The calamari was really good and tender (yes, RR tried it; we’re dabbling in the world of pescetarianism – baby steps). The nachos with grilled chicken were well received and even garnered an “actually pretty good” from a friend/nacho aficionado. We’re not saying food is a selling point, but if you’re there, you’re there. So why don’t you get there; Public House – we’re talking steps away from Grand Central Station. Your post-work evening awaits!

3 Responses to “Location, Location, Location: Public House”

  1. cori March 11, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    I want some credit for tricking you into pescatarianism after 2 martinis. mmmmmm….calamari.

    • Rhea Recommends March 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

      You do get all the credit, seriously, those double martini nights take their toll on me, and the seafood population apparently, now that I’m on a rampage.


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    […] Public House (Midtown East – 41st St btwn 3rd Ave/Lex) – $35 for a 3-Course dinner with unlimited wine! Regular Happy hour is 5-7pm ($3 Drafts/$4 Wine/$5 Well) […]

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