Eargasm: Playing Catch Up

13 Jan

Just got around to downloading some of the most talked about albums of the past year – I know they’re nothing new to many music aficionados, but to the majority of my peeps, I hope there may be a few new sounds in here for you to enjoy. I’m certainly digging on these tracks right now…

YeasayerI Remember: Though I’m still sore about being turned away from last summer’s free Governor’s Island show, I won’t hold it against these guys. This track just resonates with me, there’s something about a guy baring his soul like this that gets me everyyyytime.

Local NativesAirplanes: Another simple love and lament song from one of my favorite up and coming bands of the moment… yes, I’m seeing a common theme here.

DeerhunterRevival: Changing it up a bit, I think this song called out to me because the intro screams Beck at me – but beyond that, the similarities fade. It’s pop, but the airy guitar keeps it on the fringe.   It’s my jam – so is the whole album (Halcyon Digest) actually.

LCD SoundsystemDance Yrself Clean: The first time this one came around on my ipod, I had to check who it was – love this song. Pretty different and pretty catchy – stay with it till it really drops about halfway through the track. Hopefully, we won’t have to agree to disagree, friendos.

Arcade Fire We Used to Wait:  This song gets under your skin and stays with you.  I can’t stop listening to it and love it so much more after checking out the video, which to me is just pure genius. If you haven’t viewed this interactive video yet, do it by clicking here (seriously, do it).

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One Response to “Eargasm: Playing Catch Up”

  1. nick nanos January 13, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Got Arcade Fire CD and I am enjoying it.

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