Sunday Supper @ Supper

29 Nov

Sunday Supper!

Sundays have long been claimed by the brunch gods (we all know I’m a big fan of that), but this Sunday I decided to change it up and do my dining later on in the day.  It only seemed right that my Sunday Supper resto of choice would be Supper Italian Restaurant.

Supper is an under-the-radar gem in the East Village (2nd St btwn Aves A & B).  The resto is usually busy but they own the space next door and made it into a sexy bar/lounge for the hungry dining masses to grab a pre-dinner drink while waiting.  Miss Taylor and I ate our Sunday Supper at 6:30pm and had no trouble getting a table – we had our choice of sitting at the bar which overlooks the kitchen or the communal dining table – both very cool options, but we opted for the communal table.

We got the beet!

To start, we had the Roasted Beet Salad with Robiola cheese (which is somewhere between mozzarella and goat)… it was simple, but a great, lighter appetizer to share.  With the appetizer, they brought out the complimentary bread which is crusty and warm and coupled with spicy white beans in olive oil that were absolutely awesome.

Pasta Mouthgasm

Next up, we split 2 different pastas that were both happiness in every bite.  The Spinach Gnocchi alla Aglio d’Orato was by far the BEST gnocchi I’ve EVER had.  Sadly, it was only a daily special, but fear not – there’s some sort of gnocchi on the menu daily – TRY IT.  Our other dish was on the regular dinner menu but was anything but regular – it’s called “The Timely Priest Stranglers”.  The pasta was a hybrid of spaghetti and ziti swimming in homemade marinara and was perfectly complimented with a dollop of ridiculously fresh ricotta on top.  All this and a few glasses of wine clocked in at about $75 bucks, not too shabby!

Supper is really all about the dining experience, from grabbing a glass of wine at the swanky lounge next door while you wait, to the mouth-gasmic pastas they’re knocking out daily.  If you’re looking to go to out for a gourmet Italian dinner that will impress your foodie friends without making a crazy dent on your wallets, look no further than Supper!

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