Eargasm: Musical Melange

10 Nov

Happy Hump Day friendos! I come to you bearing my latest aural fixations!  Here are a few songs that are stuck on my playlist right now – some more recent additions than others. Take a moment for yourself today and feast your ears on this motley assortment of musical selections:

Jukebox the GhostEmpire: I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while now; their pop-rock sound never fails to get me bopping around. Empire is off their latest album. Bounce away…

Dirty ProjectorsNo Intention: If I had a soundtrack to my life, this would most definitely be playing while walking casually down the street on the weekend. This is Saturday afternoon pedestrian music. New genre alert!

Mimicking BirdsBurning Stars: My co-worker Brad played this for me – I was immediately emo. It’s the perfect “I need to moment to myself” song when you’re tired of your Elliott Smith playlist. Not that we ever tire of it, do we folks…

Freelance WhalesHannah: Throw out your tissues – we’re taking it back up with this electro-folk group that fuses the two genres seamlessly. (If you dig, come check them out – Wednesday 12/15 @ Webster Hall – tickets here)

My Dear DiscoReplaceable: This band was my fave new find @ Lollapalooza (though Megan and I could have SWORN the lyrics were “don’t tell me I’m a cesspool” – which changes the meaning a bit). Either way, it’s SO danceable – makes me want to get to the gym (now if only I could keep that motivation past the 3:36 mark).

Band of HorsesNo One’s Gonna Love You: Ok, bring it back down a notch, let these haunting vocals sink in and just enjoy. Or not, because it’s kind of a depressing song. But still, try to enjoy his pain – he’d want that, don’t you think?

Mumford and SonsLittle Lion Man: Alright, so I know this song is blowing up right now but I think it’s one of those songs you may have heard and loved but not known what it was called. It was on my ipod for months before I realized it – I can thank tipsy iTunes exploration for that and now you can thank me.

Okkervil RiverCalling and Not Calling My Ex: I really like story songs and this one is no exception. I actually spent 10 minutes google-ing this song to try and find out who his “famous ex” might be, but I came up with nothing. Except that it was a less than desirable break-up situation – at least something good came out it all?

That’s all for now folks – now get to downloading these tunes!

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